To Serve & Protect

A Mom’s Journey in Law Enforcement

This may be an on going post that could turn into a page. Or who knows, maybe an entire Blog itself.

My life right now is quite topsy turvy. My youngest daughter is going through the police academy and the entire household is in a constant whirlwind to help her succeed. Meal prepping, boot polishing and studying fills most nights and weekends. We’ve always tackled things more like a team instead of a family. So team Bennett has huddled up once again, this time to help baby girl. The pride within is huge. To know that we raised a human being that would put others first is very humbling but let me tell ya, it’s fucking terrifying at the same time.

I know that her call to service is 100 Million Zillion percent my fault because I did the same shit to my own parents.

At 19, the baby of the family, I met with a Navy Recruiter and signed my life away. Without any thought or care to anyone but myself and my own vision. Always the Patriot, I was forever prideful for my country. I was the tomboy growing up watching military movies with Dad and always asking questions about his own time in the Navy.

Military service has been a huge part of my family tree. But think about it….it’s what ya did back then. I mean, clear back 6 or more generations I’ve got proof of service. Family in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam. Shit even I served during Operation Desert Shield. However, I wasn’t in the conflict so it sure as hell doesn’t count.  I earned the National Defense Medal but those of us stateside called it the fire watch medal.

The only one not surprised by my service was my Dad. He knew I had something in me that called me to serve my country. So to raise my own children with a sense of duty and patriotism should be no surprise to me. Not saying it’s any easier. It’s NOT!

Here’s the difference…she’s my baby girl. I know what I was capable of back then when others doubted me. Now the shoe is on the other foot. I’ve seen her earn her black belt, kick ass on the rugby pitch and sing live in front of hundreds of people without fear yet I’m still hung up on the fact she’s my baby. Can she do this?? With everything she’s accomplished, she’s shown way more balls than I could ever muster so of course she can do anything.

Raised with pride and patriotism, honor and service, Meggie didn’t stand a chance. I created a monster. She earned her Criminal Justice degree and immediately began the journey to become a cop. I couldn’t be more proud, but damnit we live in such a fucked up world. Police are being executed for wearing the uniform almost daily. It’s this shit that keeps me up at night. It is this reason I have so many reservations.

“Blessed are the Peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God”

Mathew 5:9

Being a wife of a Sheriff’s Deputy we have been a Proud LEO Family for more than 18 years. When my husband joined the Department it wasn’t a scary time like it is now. He’d spent several years as a volunteer Fireman so when he joined the department it wasn’t a big deal for me. Looking back, I think I had a false sense of security because he predominately works in a Jail. I mean, ya know who the bad guys are because they are on the other side of the bars. RIGHT!?! Completely safe right?? Yeah, not so much. Denial is a beautiful thing. 

With my denial for the Sheriff’s Department comes the reality of what my husband has witnessed on his own. So for him this struggle is real. He’s seen the worst humanity offers. He’s seen sweet grandma’s cracked out telling you which parts of her anatomy you can eat. He’s seen the violence and the disgust that society has to offer. He’s dealt with child molesters and murderers among other evil doers and seen things I’ll never know about. For him, it’s not the ideal life for his kid however, he knows the calling and can’t deny her dreams. She’s a grown ass woman and like me, he will support her every step of the way. No Matter how scary. 

Now I sit here with the constant reminders on Social Media of a world that seems at constant war with Police. The media proves time and time again that they are anti-cop. The blatant disregard for human life and those that wear blue is evident everyday. Oh and then there’s constant reminders with people asking. “Did you see the cops that got shot yesterday?, How’s your daughter doing?” Are you fucking kidding me?? (I think throat punches should be justified when people say stupid shit.)

“Evil is Powerless if the Good are Unafraid”

Ronald Reagan

So while she faces struggle as the youngest in the academy. Or the shortest standing a whopping 4’9″. I will have to face my own internal struggle. With the daily reminders of a world she’s set out to serve and protect. I have zero doubt in her success. She’s always faced uphill battles and made them her bitch. She’ll beast this too because it’s in her DNA; she descends from greatness and she’ll overcome.

For me though, I’ll need to dig deep within myself and trust in God, in her training and in her new family. She’s now a part of a brotherhood that is bigger than any of us.

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