Drunks and Whores Don’t Go To Heaven

Facing Social Media Judgment while on my Bourbon Journey

So this here is a tricky one and I’m sure I’m not the first or last to deal with this. Such is life in this social media world we live in.

When my bourbon journey began several months back, I began highlighting my purchases and bottles on Facebook. Pics of glasses by the fire pit, dinner cocktails and even the occasional bottle kill. I even posted my latest procurement from the local liquor store.

Late to the game, I started a personal Instagram account in late 2018. I then expanded to an account for my dogs, (Yes, I’m one of those people) and then eventually I moved on to my Lady Bootlegger account. There were hundred’s, if not thousands of people just like me posting their finds, faves and reviews. Everyone was also posting pictures of everything Bourbon. A whole new world of Bourbon Lovers opened up for me. Posts and pictures that gave me new ideas of what to try next. I also began to value the opinions of others in regards to what to try and what to avoid. A large Bourbon community with the occasional troll but that’s expected with strangers. It’s not expected with friends.

To an outsider to my accounts I can see where this would cause a bit of confusion and concern. After posting a Whiskey fueled post it took exactly 11 minutes for my phone to ring. It was my older sister calling to see if I had a drinking problem or if she needed to be concerned. By this time I had already started my Bourbon Steward training so the occasional drink pic had taken over as a full blown obsession. It took a bit of explaining but I got her off the ledge. I still doubt she’s convinced I’m not a drunk.

To this day I’m explaining to people that “No, I’m not opening and closing bars. I haven’t lost my job and I’m not headed to jail or rehab.” Funny, these people (especially close friends) won’t come right out and ask but if I share, their first reaction is “Oh my god Thank God!”

I get the weekly text or private message from a friend or family member and they always begin the same way, “Hey Lush!” Once they hear the whole story or about the opportunities that lay before me they immediately pull off their judges robe and cheer me on. I don’t feel compelled to explain unless someone pushes it. I sure as hell feel no need or desire to apologize. It’s their confusion not mine. I owe no one an explanation of what I’m up to. As I say often….I AM A GROWN ASS WOMAN!! But then it happened….

This week I received a private message to beat all. From an old family friend. Mind you a VERY religious friend. The message was short. “Hope you are well” and a bible verse. At first I let it go, but then the curiosity that killed the cat…was trying to kill me too. So upon finding the book, chapter and verse….there it was… a long judgmental statement that ended with: “Drunks and Whores will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.” Wow, shots fired. Right over the bow without warning. No testing the waters. No inquiry of well being. Just total and complete judgment. I gotta say, at first I was a hurt. For about 5 seconds, then it became a laugh and now obviously a blogging inspiration.

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”

Jack Lemmon

This isn’t gonna turn into a religious or anti religious post. Have your beliefs. I got mine. If the two never meet, that’s our right and freedom. One thing I do believe and will share. Unless you are 1 of 12, you have no right to judge me.

Again, I believe that’s world we live in. Everyone is free to say and think whatever they want. They can judge and disrespect whomever they want because they are behind the safety of their cell phone or laptop. Things we wouldn’t have the balls to say is easily stated when we can just type out our Vaguebook posts or #imcallingyououtrightnow.

So what makes it different for me to sit and blog. Nothing! Now I have a few options. I can post my entire purpose online. To explain my hobby turned obsessive passion. Or I can keep shit to myself because it’s no body’s damn business anyway. I’ll continue to share but, hopefully this blog will shed some light for those that wanna know. Maybe it’ll set minds at ease or maybe it’ll piss some off. That’s the price I pay I suppose.

On a positive note for my Social Media contacts; I’ve had a lot of bourbon drinking friends reach out for recommendations. I’ve walked many through starting their own journey. That’s what I hoped this blog would become. A place where I can share what I’ve learned, what I like and dislike. But one thing you won’t get out of me is judgment. *

“If I cannot drink Bourbon and smoke cigars in Heaven than I shall not go.”

Mark Twain

Whether you are taking your first sip of bourbon today or years into your own journey. I will not judge your tastes. Disclaimer: Official Judge Free Bourbon Zone. *Now, of course there are people in my life that I am super close with and have a shit talkin’ relationship with. So when asked, it is my sworn duty to dawg them out, judge and harass them. Just as they would do to me. In a loving and teasing way….because it’s what we do. 🙂

So those reading this and seeing for the first time that there is a bit more than drinking for me hopefully get the picture. I’ve only scratched the surface with what this industry has started for me. So for now, if interested, I’d be happy to share some things that may make you start your own journey. Just let me know. In the end, most of us are all on the same side loving bourbon together. Just as others have led me on this path, I will lead others. Together we’ll find what hits the spot for ya.

It Can Be!

I really tried with this one to not come out hating and judging in my own way. Instead I took the high road. But everyone should try a little judge not lest ye be judged every now and then.   

On a side note: If you are the guy that walks around the liquor world carrying your bottle of Blanton’s announcing to everyone that you just scored a Blanton’s I’m gonna judge the shit out of you. Call it sour grapes or whatever. Acting like a total pompous dick should get you judged occasionally. Just sayin’! 

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