Let’s Make A Toast!

The following is an ongoing list of the best toasts when sipping your favorite whiskey with friends.

  • “May your blade always be wet and your powder always dry”      (A favorite of mine especially when I’m going into battle)   
  • “Here’s to our wives and girlfriends, May they never meet” (A  favorite  of  my  husbands  but  I  prefer husbands and boyfriends)
  • “May we get what we want but never what we deserve!”
  • “May you never go to Hell but always be on your way” (Yiddish Saying)
  • “Drinks are on the house! Someone get a Ladder!”
  • “To absent friends”
  • “Skol” (When you’re a Viking of course)
  • “Here’s to being the people our dogs think we are.”

Stay Tuned…….