Review: Stolen Spirits, Stolen X Rock & Rye

Originally published in the ABV Network’s Whiskey Corner Blog June 18, 2019

Documented rock and rye recipes date back to the late 19th Century. Originally sweetened with horehound candies and citrus juice the rye whiskey was a favorite original mixed drink. During prohibition, however, it became a staple in the medicine cabinet.  Since often used for medicinal purposes, it was then overlooked by the temperance groups and kept on hand to ease one’s colds and coughs.

With the insurgence of Rye whiskey, it’s no surprise that the rock candy sweetened cocktail has hit the shelves in your local liquor stores.

Stolen Sprits has one such release, their personal take on this classic sweet spirit: Stolen X.

Made from American rye whiskey, organic raw honey and orange peel it sits nicely at 80 proof. Aged over two years in American Oak barrels it is affordable and all natural. Sold only in America it can be found in 100ml cans, 750ml and 1L bottles. The 750ml retails for $24.99.

The Review:

Nose: Orange blossoms, sweet spices and candies. One of those familiar scents that take you back in time.   

Taste: Nice creamy mouthfeel of citrusy honey. A crisp taste of cloves as it moves around your mouth. Such a surprising heat for 80 proof.

Finish: The honey coats your tongue, allowing the kick in the rye to last an eternity. Covering your entire pallet, this one is super smooth.

Overall: Very balanced, fantastic neat or over ice, sip it or shoot it. This would be an excellent base for any summer cocktail. Like our ancestors, keep some on hand for “medicinal purposes” too. The sweet honey would heal anything that ailed you.

Look for the big black bottles marked with the giant x. X marks the spot on this for anyone who likes cocktails that are “dangerously smooth”.

Available in many states you can find Stolen X: Rock & Rye near you by searching their site