What’s it all for?

As an amateur genealogist tracking my family lines back as far as the eye can see….and farther. Sure it was cool to see how far back I could go but
I discovered that the names and dates on pages eventually had no sentimental meaning to me. So I decided to climb back down my family tree and learn about my more recent family members by the individuals that knew them or by the documented histories on record.

So how does all this tie together with my passion for whiskey?? Glad you asked!

Over and over again I was able to uncover that my ancestors had their own passion for the spirits world. Whether it was bootleggin’ whiskey during prohibition or running a roadhouse during the American Revolution one thing has remained true. It is my hope to do them proud by sharing their stories and creating some of my own.

Me at 6mos. Raised in a Barrel. Would this be the angel share?